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Dr. Rosemary McCallum is an inspirational author, keynote guest speaker and authority on staff engagement. Her presentations are engaging, thought provoking and practical.

As a Behavioural Scientist, Dr Rosemary McCallum has immersed herself in the science and art of staff engagement and the effect of unseen motivators.

Rosemary uses the latest in neuro–science, lateral thinking and behavioural analysis to generate a culture of high performers. As an emotional intelligence consultant, Rosemary is an expert at activating the human element in corporate strategy.

Trustee for the Magdalene Foundation supporting research for kids with kidney disease, Dr Rosemary McCallum believes in making a difference and contribution.

Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane bosses, motivate your staff with the best keynote speaker on employee engagement!


Rosemary speaks on two topics:

1. Unseen Influences: How to engage the disengaged Successfully

With staff disengagement at an all-time high, corporations today must look at the reasons why this disengagement is happening and how to reengage successfully for their business survival.

For over 20 years, Dr Rosemary McCallum has studied the link between Metaphysics and Behavioural Sciences in understanding how to engage emotional intelligence through her unseen influence framework.

Rosemary’s unique and engaging presentation style will not only inspire and motivate your teams but will give you the right tools and strategies to successfully navigate an engaged workforce.

Your employee engagement consultant for emotional intelligence training


In this session, you will learn:

  1. The Three subliminal secrets that undermine your staff’s productivity and well-being.
  2. The final secret to strategic engagement through the power of the mind.
  3. The blueprint to successfully engaging the disengaged.

2. Behavioural CHANGE: How to hack the mind to boost productivity & Profitability

Dr Rosemary McCallum believes that the business success formula is People = Productivity = Profit. She challenges mindsets and focuses on passion and purpose to raise performance. Using her revered emotional intelligence training for your employees, she taps into engagement in the workforce.

With today’s forever changing landscape, we must put people first in helping navigate change effectively to ensure successful results.

Dr Rosemary McCallum’s unique and thought provoking sessions, will inspire action, increase profits and ensure the long-term viability of staff performance.

In this session you will learn:

  1. How to understand who is really pulling the strings on your profits
  2. How to kill your unseen puppet master
  3. 4 ways to boost performance consciously

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