Corporate stress management: an essential in the workplace

Giving your managers and employees alike the resources and strategies necessary to cope with and understand mental health concerns, like stress management and burn out, is exactly what employee engagement consultant Dr Rosemary McCallum does. As one of the most frequently requested guest speakers on stress management, Rosemary is a revered consultant and guest presenter often attending corporate training events in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Corporate stress management to get the best out of your team

High pressure situations are too often a part of working life – from a stressful deadline to a big presentation. Add to that the pressures of home life, family, friends relationships, mortgages and more, it makes sense that us human beings have to draw the line somewhere. While just drawing attention to mental health issues in the workplace isn’t enough, Dr Rosemary McCallum can help employers and managers be more aware of the signs of personal life and work life interfering with performance and mood, and learn how to counteract the effects.

Why hire one of the best guest speakers in Sydney?

When there is a stronger dialogue about mental health and stress management initiated by speakers and consultants like Rosemary, incredible things happen. Not only do roadblocks seem more manageable, mindsets are cleared, but staff are more likely to be resilient to challenging situations, develop sharper focus, take more initiative and become more successful leaders in the workplace.

Under Dr Rosemary McCallum’s leadership, your workplace too can benefit from a stress management consultant that instills practical skills you can use straight away and lead happier, healthier, more balanced lifestyles.

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