A huge thank you to the team at SOPAC2019 South Pacific and Asia Conference for The Institute of Internal Auditors in Australia last week.

My experience as a speaker at this conference was so rewarding, being one of the best co-ordinated and professionally run conferences I have been involved in for many years. The client service levels from the AIIA staff Kristina Calisin, John Harmata & Nicola Price were exemplary and I couldn’t thank them enough for making me feel welcome and comfortable.

I had the pleasure of presenting the following at the SOPAC2019 Program:
Stress management – Applying Mindfulness
>How stress causes us to disengage
>Leading companies use mindfulness for greater engagement, increased productivity, happy workforce and less absenteeism
>The Essential 1st step to mindfulness
>Mind Mastery
>The Secret 3 Key components of Mindfulness
>The Ripple effect of Mindfulness within the workplace and your private life