Bring awareness to mental health with one of the best speakers in Melbourne


As a boss, manager or trainer, you know how important it is to keep tabs on the health of those in your business. Mental health mightn’t be as obvious as the common cold or physical injury to spot, but its effects can be just as costly. By bringing to attention mental health and its effects in the workplace by training with Dr Rosemary McCallum, you can have a stronger impact on retaining employee engagement and morale.

Look after your workplace health and wellbeing with one of the best speakers


Do you want to create a mentally healthy workplace? Rosemary’s engaging, powerful presentation style means that you will be trained and equipped with the tools necessary to provide a stronger, healthier workplace for yourself and your employees. Armed with strategies to navigate a tricky, invisible illness, you will know how to provide support and safety for your business.

Many employers believe their workers won’t experience mental health issues at work, but in fact 1 in 5 Australians do experience mental health difficulties, which can be caused by or have a ripple on effect at work.

Protect your employees – hire only from Melbourne’s best mental health speakers


Dr Rosemary McCallum can lead employers into strategies and skills needed to manage mental health related problems at work, including how to strike a work-life balance, managing stress and noticing undetected signs of mental struggle. As an ongoing commitment to your staff, educate yourself with the best trainer in the country. Inform yourself with Dr Rosemary McCallum so you can keep employee engagement high and the lines of communication open at work.