Harnessing “Collective Thinkers” for Future Success

     Collective Brain Power = Success 

This is a pivotal time for many Australian businesses and the decisions we make and paths we take now will impact the future direction and growth of our businesses. We need a revolution in our approach to cement our future in the world market.

Have you ever thought about how “Tradition” can sound the death knell in your business. unprecedented changes are occurring affecting how businesses will thrive in the 21st century? Traditional thinking in this fast, techno, and global age can be disastrous in such a competitive market. Many businesses are not utilizing an amazing valuable resource that they have within their own workforce. What is that power?  The power of “Collective Thinking”.

We all had passion when we started our business or advanced to a new career opportunity. We actively strove to implement the best way forward towards our goals and visions. Unfortunately, sometimes we ‘settle in’ with our original ‘best way’ and don’t realize that the world has changed around us.

“This is how we have always done it and it has worked out fine in the past”

This is a mantra I hear time and time again. The tragedy is that it sounds the death knell to innovation This thinking leaves no room for inspiration and fresh ideas. How many of you have set off for a destination only to find you are heading towards your workplace. You ask yourself, “How did I get here?” Yes, that’s right, you have gone into automatic pilot. You are totally disconnected from the present and you are left wondering how many red lights you went through. When you are not engaging in active thinking, the same thing happens in business. You are so busy doing that you haven’t seen the red warning lights.

So, where we are right now in business is one of the greatest gifts we have received in a long time. Uncertainty pushes us, albeit kicking and screaming, into expanded thinking. We have all heard the saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention”.  So, gather your forces together and get thinking. It’s time to challenge our assumptions about whether the systems, procedures, structures, products and services that we have used consistently over time are the very best and most efficient way in the current market.

Use your most powerful and valuable assets to answer the challenge!  What is that asset?  Your staff members’ thinking abilities!

Ask the hard question:

  • “Why do we do it this way?”
  • “Is there a better way?”
  • “How can we improve?”

Get together in a fun environment to come up with answers that are outside the box. Access that greater resources of your people.

Ignore this hidden resource at your peril!

Generally, a person is hired for a specific task. A person’s CV though often gives an insight into the fact they are so much more than the task at hand. Many employers and managers ignore the valuable resources that accompany the person they have just hired. All your staff have the ability to think!  Believe me, they do a lot of thinking especially if they can see there is a better way to do things. This is one of the secrets of engagement. Allow your people to engage their minds to solve a problem or come up with innovative ideas. That can be just the start button they need to get their creative juices flowing and productivity revving up.

But wait there is more!

You also have a myriad of personality types at hand who view the world from different perspectives. Some ask why, or how, or who or what. Therefore, you have at your fingertips four ways of expanding outcomes. Add to this different nationalities, age groups and backgrounds which all bring a richness of innovative thought. So let’s get those creative juices flowing!

Great leaders are humble, they don’t have to come up with all the ideas.                                             

Great leaders inspire people to stretch, innovate and voice their ideas. Emotionally strong leaders are prepared to get in with the troops, extol their virtues and use the collective genius. They instigate brainstorming possibilities and create a community for a common cause.  The result is that staff feel valued, their opinions matter and that brings meaning and purpose to their working life. Suddenly absenteeism goes down, team cohesiveness is enhanced and productivity is lifted.

The meaningful workplace, is the workplace of the future and happiness the new productivity. So, start harnessing this powerful resource of “Collective Thinkers” for collaborative engagement and a thriving, successful business that fits perfectly into the demands of the 21st century.