Introducing Dr. Rosemary McCallum: Your Employee Engagement Consultant


Wouldn’t it be nice if every day your employees came to work fuelled by motivation, innovation and passion? That they were enthused and positive about their ongoing contribution to the team and the company? Wouldn’t that be the dream?

The fact of the matter is, 2 out of every 3 employees are disengaged at work, with stresses and pressures both in the office and at home affecting their mood and performance.

Educate your team with one of the best employee engagement speakers in the biz


Motivation starts from a company standpoint. Business leaders can influence their teams by engaging an employee engagement consultant to lead the way and deliver training and strategies.

Employee engagement speakers can teach strategies for how best to handle stressful situations, busy workloads and commitments. An employee engagement consultant can uncover motivational factors and hidden deterrents that contribute to the disengagement problem at work and help build stronger relationships between staff and management.

Interested in collaborating with employee engagement consultant Dr. Rosemary McCallum?


As a behavioural scientist, Rosemary is fascinated by behavioural analysis in the corporate world and uses the latest techniques in neuroscience and lateral thinking to address staff disengagement and boost performance, business attitudes and mindfulness.

Renowned for her transformative keynote presenter skills, Rosemary specialises in training and developing the skills to address corporate stress and productivity, creating a more dynamic and rewarding workplace culture for your company.