Emotional Intelligence Training for your Melbourne Workplace


Emotional intelligence differs from Intelligence Quotient (IQ) in that it measures the ability to relate to and interact with others. Emotional intelligence is vital for managing stressful environments and coping with a balance in work-life activities. It is also essential for regulating your emotions, having self-awareness in the workplace, navigating social interactions and finding the motivational factors to perform at your best. Emotionally intelligent individuals are better at adapting to new environments and feedback, they’re self-reflective and keep their emotions and thoughts in check. No wonder emotional intelligence is highly regarded in the workplace!

Wouldn’t it be nice to tap into more of those benefits? Learn how to manage corporate stress, find inner motivation and stronger productivity, and practise mindfulness both at home and in the workplace?

Well with Dr. Rosemary McCallum, you certainly can!

Learn from one of Melbourne’s most revered emotional intelligence speakers!


With a background in behavioural science, Rosemary taps into the unseen motivators at play in the corporate world that lead to staff disengagement, fracture and demotivation.

Think your business is unaffected? Think again.

2 out of every 3 employees are disengaged in the corporate world, an all-time high for employees. With bigger stressors and pressures from both our home life and at our day jobs, companies have a responsibility to support their staff members to get the most out of their potential and keep the lines of communication clear.

Access knowledge from the very best emotional intelligence speakers


Melbourne’s very own Dr. Rosemary McCallum, emotional intelligence training expert, can help you and your team get the most out of a workplace. From mindset shift, neuro-science techniques and behavioural analysis, we can all truly perform at our best and find balance in our hectic lives.